Chairman of the Board & Technical Director

Jeff Rupert, affectionately known as Rupert Jeff, is a musical journeyman and wizard class web guru. The underpants hanging from his guitar have cemented his legend status. Aside from website stuff, he is also using his sound skills to our considerable benefit. Jeff Rupert lives in New Jersey, never more than 100 miles away from Chris Christie at any given time.





Matt Evans recently returned from circumnavigating the globe in a mystical vessel propelled by the blood of his enemies and tears of the innocent. He is a great mathematical wizard who commands an army of undead megalithic beasts. He served as co-host of RT Philly 2010 and 2011, and has since been hibernating like a majestic, powerful, spectral bear.  Though he is not of this world, his earthly manifestation claims some skill in the arts of frowning and cheese-tasting



Secretary & Community Liason

Jack Edathil grew up on the passive-aggressive streets of Northeast Philadelphia. A survivor of both Catholic and public school, Jack is the co-founder of RT Philly and the host of the 60 minute sonic awesomelazerness that is Late Nite JengaJam. He's a very active and handsome member and Billboard forum moderator for where he wastes most of his internet time blogging and describing the episodes of late 80's and early 90's cartoons from memory.




Event Coordinator & Logistics

Virginia "Littlefang" Evans is some kind of craftwizard who makes tiny trinkets. As our Event Coordinator, she shoulders a great deal of the responsibility towards making sure our venues are in tip top shape. And if they aren't, she'll let out a glare Tyra Banks would most likely refer to as "The Fierceness", which results in immediate compliance from all surroundings. Case in point, this one time she scored us free cookies. That's a person you want on your team. Virginia lives in Philadelphia with a cat and a ferocious frown beast.



Guest Liason & Logistics

John Sedlack is from New Jersey and he brags about it. He makes films and drinks RocketWhores. This one time he co-created a thing called RT Philly. He is finishing up his Bachelor's Degree in HeyBro with a concentration in Fluxx. His cold hard cash is cold and hard from being left in the fridge too long.




Media Manager

Nicolas "Quarters/Kid Nickles" Cusworth is the tall drink of water responsible for Guest and Vendor Liasons. If something or someone needs to be liased, you'd best believe he's the one doing the liasing. He's the liasor, not the liasee! Known for his quirky jazz compositions, puppy/pizza parties, and his dashing mustache and monocle, Kid Nickles is the No 1 contender to the Dinnerweight Title. Nick is a licensed and bonded international man of mystery, who is transitioning to a Brooklyn state of mind.



Volunteer Coordinator

Cliff Simon is the leading expert amongst team members on futbol, a "sport" not fully understood or recognized in a'Merica. Though his time is often consumed by FIFatracking and lady chasing, he serves as an efficient and respectable leader of these creature things we call volunteers.