hi, hello, how are you?

So did you all have fun at PAX East? I know those of us from the staff who went had a blast, as always. I think the next big thing on the calendar is RTX, which we really encourage you to attend. They're doing a Child's Play auction similar to the Corgi Cup we  started last year.

Anyhoo, I wanted to let you know about some of the technical changes we've had here for  RT Philly. We've actually organized into a formal planning committee, with specific roles for different segments of the event. So without further ado, let me reintroduce you to our staff!!


Chairman of the Board & Technical Director

As Chairman of the Board, Jeff Rupert represents the RT Philly organization as a whole and helps organize the more business-like aspects of the oversight board. He is also our Technical Director, responsible for things like the website and sound at the event.



Matt Evans is our Treasurer for both the board and the Planning Committee. He tells us how much $$ is where, when and why.



Secretary & Community Liason

Jack Edathil is our Community Liason, meeting and greeting community members and organizing Sidequests. He is also the Secretary for both the board and the Planning Committee.



Event Coordinator & Logistics

As the Event Coordinator, Virginia Evans is responsible for managing the Planning Committee and the overall event. She also works with John Sedlack to manage the venues.



Guest Liason & Logistics

John Sedlack is our Guest Liason and the other half of the Logistics team. He does his best to make sure our special guests are happy and on time.


Media Manager

Nick Cusworth is the man in charge of the media content for the event. Without Nick, we wouldn't have video and music submissions, or really, and event at all.


Volunteer Coordinator

Cliff Simon is our Volunteer Coordinator and all around handy-man. He regularly available to assist other Planning Committee members in getting stuff done.


So thats our staff! If you've got any questions, let us know with a comment or shoot us an email.

Make It A Summer Of Musiter!!

In the true community-arts-based nature of RT Philly, we have a fun project for you to support!

Lauren, AKA OboeCrazy, of Late Nite Jengajam, is an oboist on a mission to share classical music with the world. She calls her project Musiter and she's looking for a little more help with finances to really make it what she invisions.

"Musiter is bite-sized fun bits of music in interesting locations. The length is based off of Twitter…no more than 140 notes of music performed and recorded in a unique and hopefully related location. If Twitter is a way to share thoughts in a concise way, Musiter is the same thing for musicians.

One of the problems facing classical music in general is the negative perception of the art as uptight and limited. Classical musicians are perceived as sheltered, cloistered in fancy concert halls and only accessible through expensive concerts of gigantic length and weight. As an oboist I play an instrument intimately tied to classical music, and Musiter is a way to break out of the stodgy mold to show the freedom and beauty classical music can have. It’s a way to make classical music accessible and fun, especially to an online audience used to tiny YouTube videos."

There are only 6 days left for this Kickstarter so head over there and pitch in!

YAY! Community Arts!!

RT Philly 2012: Aspire to Endeavor

September 22, 2012
Doubletree Hotel, Philadelphia, PA

2012 will be year four for RT Philly and we're reaching back to the ugly business conferences of the 1990s for inspiration. But before I get ahead of myself let me tell you about some things to look forward to.

  • We're going to be just slightly bigger and better this year with one extra hour of conference time.
  • Our re-organized staff and planning process should make the registration and the weekend of events run much smoother.
  • We'll be having specially designed "side quests" hosted by JengaJam throughout the weekend.
  • More music, arts, media and vendors!
  • And lastly, we have SPONSORS this year!

We're pretty enthusiastic about 2012 and we hope you'll plan to join us for an awesome weekend!



Without you this event would not be possible.

RT Philly was born from a shared vision between Jack Edathil and John Sedlack in 2009. Since then, the support of our RT community has given rise to a fun and inspiring conference.

So with that, we thank you.


Or you thank yourself.


Or something.



A special thanks to our savior this year, DiMono and our grand wizard, Scott Susans. America thanks you for your kind generosity.

If you’d like to submit photos, ask questions, or find out information on how to help next year email us at info@rtphilly.com

Guess Who's Coming to RT Philly?

Some exciting people are coming to Philly this year and we want you to know about it. Luke McKay and Martha Marin will be headlining the event. We'll have panels including Kelli "Goose" Dunlap from Grifballhub, Jenga from Late Nite JengaJam, Andrew Russo from PartTime Comics, Derek Appel from The Gaming Vault, and Chris Marks from RoosterTooths.

We will also be having some great vendors including Retro ReduxApricot BasketSaint AshBeards and JacketsAperture Productions, and Jen Overstreet. And of course, the content of RT Philly will be music, video and love from YOU!