Guest List of Awesome

We're a little more than two weeks away from this year's RT Philly, where we Aspire to Endeavor, so I figured it be a good time to formally announce all of our guests and presenters.


Our wonderful host, Roadblock

This year none other than Jon “Roadblock” Serna will host RT Philly. Roadblock was a huge help during RT26, and part of the Latenight JengaJam Team. We're happy that he is leaving the Land of Tornadoes for a weekend and joining us in the City of Brotherly Love. It's his job to keep you entertained between presenters, so if you're not entertained, blame him, not us.

Jengaship, Roadblock's ever-faithful sidekick

Now we realize that the hosting gig is a big undertaking, and that it helps to have a local on the team, so this year Jack "Jengaship" Edathil will be assisting Roadblock. Don't let that fool you; Roadblock is the star, no matter what Jack says. Jack is Philly born and bred and your go to guy for any Philly related questions. Except for "Where should I get a cheesesteak from?" Jack will answer "Steve's." But we all know he is wrong and that the true answer is Tony Luke's.





Barbara's plan is to break your legs, then run away as the Zombies go all Om Nom on your brains.

We're pleased to announce that we have three special guests this year. First up we have Ms. Barbara Dunkensnacks Dunkelman. Barb used to be like us, fan, attendee, community event organizer, but now she has ascended to RT Community Manager. You may think, "Wow, that's awesome, she's amazing!" While that is true, deep down she just like us so don't let her title go to your head.

Don't be fooled, that's not beer in his glass. That's the blood of a dead achievement.

Next up we have Jack Pattillo from Achievement Hunter. Jack equals one half of the adults who are a part of Achievement Hunter team. When he's not babysitting the rest of the crew he likes to go on safari where he tracks down and kills big game achievements. He is the reason why achievements are on the endangered species list. Pretty soon it will be a crime to hunt them. Also, BEARD.

Jesse, and his number one fan, inflatable monkey.


Lastly, and certainly not least, we have Jesse "Jeskid" Cowell. Jesse is a filmmaker known for Shades of Grey, Drawn By Pain, and most recently Status Kill. On top of all that he works for MyDamn Channel, producing some of the funniest videos on the interbutts intertubes interweb internet. Unbeknownst to some, Jesse is an accomplished martial artist, and he likes to kick people in the head. So you've been warned.

Flying into PHL

So if you're flying into PHL, theres a quick and easy way to get downtown from the airport and that my friends is by train. A cab could cost about $30-40, but the train will only cost you about $10 per person. Here what you do, take the airport line heading towards center city. Get off at Suburban station, and the hotel is about 7 blocks away. You can either hoof it (about 13min) or catch a cab if you have a lot of luggage (which will be a lot cheaper then from the airport)

Walking from Suburban Station to the Doubletree

Suburban Station to the Doubletree

Kicking off the RT:Philly Fundraising weekend

It's 8pm so you know what that means? It's time to kick off the final RT:Philly fundraiser.

(hold for applause)

As part of the fundraiser we'll be releasing the exclusive Martha Marin: Rock Patch, a short film featuring the wonderfully talented Martha Marin. The intro to Martha Marin: Rock Patch can be found at the bottom of this post. But don't scroll down, yet as we have much more to cover.  Below is just the intro video, and once you watch it, you'll want more, seriously this film is like crack, one hit and you're hooked for life. So here is the release schedule for the rest of the short. 

  • Part 1: $50 donated, or 2 hours after start of event (10pm EST)
  • Part 2: $125 donated, or ~24 hours after previous video released
  • Part 3: $200 donated, or ~24 hours after previous video released
  • Part 4: $300 donated
  • Part 5: $400 donated
  • Part 6: $500 donated

But that's not all. If you call within the next 10min we'll double you order for FREE. I am pleased to announce this years RT:Philly Savior Package. Here's what the package includes:

  1. Commemorative Jenga Blocks, signed by our special Guests, Staff, Vendors, and Panelists
  2. A special RT:Philly t-shirt that says "Savior"
  3. A special shoutout during the closing remarks
  4. A signed copy of Jeff Rupert's record breaking, smash hit, top of the charts debut album, 7G Sessions
  5. One of my (John Sedlack's) photos printed on professional photo paper and mounted on premium photo matte board. And you get to choose which photo.
  6. One of Nick Cusworth's photos (of your choice) printed on professional photo paper and mounted on premium photo matte board.
  7. I, the RT:Philly Chairman, will take our savior to the Philadelphia Phillies (yay!) final home game of the regular season against the Washington Nationals (booooo). *Savior must be in Philly on Thursday 9/22 by 5pm* *Also, you are a Braves, Mets, or Nationals fan, I'll constantly tell you how much your team sucks throughout the evening*
  8. I, the RT:Philly Chairman, will also buy the savior the first "RocketWhore" of RT:Philly. *This prize may only be awarded if the savior is 21 or older, and either the hotel bar or Fado have the ingredients to make it*

Wow, now that's a prize package. Aren't you glad you didn't scroll down to watch the intro to Martha Marin: Rock Patch? Don't forget we still have the "Grand Wizard" package available, which includes this year's Jenga Q&A blocks. *Questions may or may not included "How fat is your dick?"* If you would like to donate any money to RT Philly please go to our tickets page and select one of the drop-down menus for tickets and shirts or scroll to the bottom for a general donation option.

We the staff of RT:Philly offer our deepest thanks. This is a community event and you, the community are the ones who make it happen. This will be our third year of RT:Philly and I feel as though it will be our best yet. So once again. THANK YOU.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for. Drum roll, please. Martha Marin: Rock Patch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And now part 1. 

And now for part 2.

And BAM, we're up to part 3. If you wanna see the final videos keep the donations coming. 

Clap your hands for part 4. 

And we did it, here's the final video