Return of the Corgi Cup!

Hey Philly enthusiasts! We're less than 3 weeks away from the final big RT community gathering of the season. Hope you all are as pumped to see everyone as we are!

I wanted to quickly talk a little about something we're very happy to bring back to RT Philly this year: The Corgi Cup! We began it in honor of friend of the community/event Jamie Dillion, who many of you likely know as the project manager of Child's Play (and if you know her, you also know about her passion for all things Corgi-related). Child's Play is a wonderful charity, and we would be remiss if we didn't celebrate the fantastic work of one of our own and help contribute to it. Thus the Corgi Cup was born. We launched it at last year's event as a live auction filled to the brim with wonderful items graciously donated by our guests and vendors both present and past. All in all, thanks to the continuously amazing generosity of the RT community, we managed to raise over $500 for Child's Play, and the first annual Corgi Cup was awarded to Kathleen Zuelch, who brought in the most money individually with her items.

Check out our video from last year's event to see how it went down.

So here's what you need to know about this year's Corgi Cup. The rules haven't changed much from last year. We will have items up for silent auction displayed throughout the day, and attendees will be able to place competing bids through the entire event. Anybody can donate an item to be bid upon, and the individual who brings in the most money from all of their items combined will be awarded the Corgi Cup. Every cent of what is donated during the event goes directly to Child's Play and making a difference in the lives of kids in need.

An auction is only as good as the items that are being auctioned off and the people who place bids on them though, so we're asking all of our guests, vendors, and attendees of this year's event and past events to participate and either donate auction items or consider placing a bid on at least one item. [b]You do not need to be at RT Philly this year to donate an item.[/b] Kathleen could not attend last year and ended up winning the whole thing. Any item (within reason) is okay to donate.

If you have any questions regarding the Corgi Cup or are interested in donating an item, e-mail me at, and I will gladly answer them. If you need to mail an item because you will not be attending the event, we can compensate shipping costs.

Thanks, and I'll be seeing a bunch of you very soon!

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