T-1.5 months!

RT Philly is happening really soon! For everyone who is going through RvBTO withdrawal, this is the perfect time for you to see a bunch of your friends who were at RvBTO this past weekend. For those of you who didn't get to go to RvBTO, this is the perfect time for you to hang out with your friends you didn't get to see this past weekend. And if you don't fit in those last two categories, you should come on out and meet all of us!

I've got a few things to mention, as well as some awesome announcements, so keep reading!

First, we're still looking for people to apply to become a presenter or vendor! We're here to showcase the stuff you're doing, so fill out the form and let us know that you want to show off and/or sell some of your wares!

Second, if you're just wanting to come hang out with us on Saturday, buy your tickets to the event!

And now, special announcements!

RoadBlock at RT Philly 2011

RoadBlock at RT Philly 2011

This year's event will be hosted by our very dear friend, RoadBlock! RoadBlock helped us immensely with RT26 this year, and we couldn't think of someone better to have keeping all of you entertained in between our presentations on Saturday.

Mattie eating his hoodie

Mattie omnomnoming

To make this even better, our very own Mattie will be joining him as a co-host! Mattie co-hosted with our good friend, Mikey, last year, and we're excited to have him come back to banter back and forth with RoadBlock this year.


Even more exciting? Internet Legend and RT Staff Member Barbara will be gracing us with her presence this year! She recently became the RT Community Manager and was instrumental in running RTX this year. She joined us as a community member last year, and we're excited to have her back!

Barbara at RoosterTeeth Offices

Barbara. Does she even need a caption? I think not. Wait.

One last, quick message:

RT Philly is a completely fan-funded and fan-supported event. While the staff puts in the time to organize a fun event for all of you to enjoy and a great place to see (and meet!) friends, we can't possibly do any of this without your support and generosity. We need to be perfectly honest with you, the community. RT Philly is currently trying to operate on less than 50% of our budget for this upcoming event, and ticket sales are less than previous years. RT26 was instrumental in getting us to where we are now, but without funds, we will have to start removing some fun parts of this event.

We had planned on needing about $3,500 (US), and we're hovering around $1,700 (US). We use these funds to pay for our Saturday venue, getting t-shirts made, and getting special guests (such as Barbara!) to come out and be a part of the event. We made a commitment to all of you as to what RT Philly will be this year, but the staff can't do it alone.

tl;dr? Buy tickets, apply to be a vendor or presenter, and we'll see you in Philadelphia next month!