RT26 Returns!

Can YOU do 26? The RT Philly Staff will be!

On Friday, May 18, be ready 26 consecutive hours of podcast excellence. We are kicking off ticket sales for RT Philly with RT26. Just like last year, we'll have a fundraising goal and hilariously embarrassing milestones to hit--and this year, we'll be delivering the goods immediately upon hitting the numbers. We'll be releasing event and guest info, streaming games, concerts, movies, interviews, in both bold new video and classic audio!

We've already got some great stuff locked in and will be releasing the schedule and milestones soon. If you'd like to participate in RT Philly or have an idea for a segment you'd like to do, reach out to jack@rtphilly.com or hit me (Jengaship) up right here on Rooster Teeth.

RT26: Fixin' for a 26'in.

hi, hello, how are you?

So did you all have fun at PAX East? I know those of us from the staff who went had a blast, as always. I think the next big thing on the calendar is RTX, which we really encourage you to attend. They're doing a Child's Play auction similar to the Corgi Cup we  started last year.

Anyhoo, I wanted to let you know about some of the technical changes we've had here for  RT Philly. We've actually organized into a formal planning committee, with specific roles for different segments of the event. So without further ado, let me reintroduce you to our staff!!


Chairman of the Board & Technical Director

As Chairman of the Board, Jeff Rupert represents the RT Philly organization as a whole and helps organize the more business-like aspects of the oversight board. He is also our Technical Director, responsible for things like the website and sound at the event.



Matt Evans is our Treasurer for both the board and the Planning Committee. He tells us how much $$ is where, when and why.



Secretary & Community Liason

Jack Edathil is our Community Liason, meeting and greeting community members and organizing Sidequests. He is also the Secretary for both the board and the Planning Committee.



Event Coordinator & Logistics

As the Event Coordinator, Virginia Evans is responsible for managing the Planning Committee and the overall event. She also works with John Sedlack to manage the venues.



Guest Liason & Logistics

John Sedlack is our Guest Liason and the other half of the Logistics team. He does his best to make sure our special guests are happy and on time.


Media Manager

Nick Cusworth is the man in charge of the media content for the event. Without Nick, we wouldn't have video and music submissions, or really, and event at all.


Volunteer Coordinator

Cliff Simon is our Volunteer Coordinator and all around handy-man. He regularly available to assist other Planning Committee members in getting stuff done.


So thats our staff! If you've got any questions, let us know with a comment or shoot us an email.