Make It A Summer Of Musiter!!

In the true community-arts-based nature of RT Philly, we have a fun project for you to support!

Lauren, AKA OboeCrazy, of Late Nite Jengajam, is an oboist on a mission to share classical music with the world. She calls her project Musiter and she's looking for a little more help with finances to really make it what she invisions.

"Musiter is bite-sized fun bits of music in interesting locations. The length is based off of Twitter…no more than 140 notes of music performed and recorded in a unique and hopefully related location. If Twitter is a way to share thoughts in a concise way, Musiter is the same thing for musicians.

One of the problems facing classical music in general is the negative perception of the art as uptight and limited. Classical musicians are perceived as sheltered, cloistered in fancy concert halls and only accessible through expensive concerts of gigantic length and weight. As an oboist I play an instrument intimately tied to classical music, and Musiter is a way to break out of the stodgy mold to show the freedom and beauty classical music can have. It’s a way to make classical music accessible and fun, especially to an online audience used to tiny YouTube videos."

There are only 6 days left for this Kickstarter so head over there and pitch in!

YAY! Community Arts!!