RT Philly 2012: Aspire to Endeavor

September 22, 2012
Doubletree Hotel, Philadelphia, PA

2012 will be year four for RT Philly and we're reaching back to the ugly business conferences of the 1990s for inspiration. But before I get ahead of myself let me tell you about some things to look forward to.

  • We're going to be just slightly bigger and better this year with one extra hour of conference time.
  • Our re-organized staff and planning process should make the registration and the weekend of events run much smoother.
  • We'll be having specially designed "side quests" hosted by JengaJam throughout the weekend.
  • More music, arts, media and vendors!
  • And lastly, we have SPONSORS this year!

We're pretty enthusiastic about 2012 and we hope you'll plan to join us for an awesome weekend!